• Creating VR From Your Design
    Has Never Been Easier

  • Enhance and Optimize
    Your Design-Review Process

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the vision

Our vision is to give every architect an opportunity
to easily import their designs into Virtual Reality.
To achieve our goal, we are collaborating with the main rendering software companies,
as well as developing fast and easy to use mobile platforms.
We Make Virtual Reality a Reality for Everyone Today!

the result

How will your 360° render look in our Gallery?


(tap the screen for a VR preview)
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View your VR rendering in virtual reality on your smartphone and then publish and share it with your users anywhere in the world. We can make a custom app for you free of charge, see an example we made in collaboration with Latecki Project.

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View your 3D model in virtual reality with design review features.
In the mean-time, check out this demo of a full-on dynamic walkthrough of a NY penthouse villa, demonstrating the cutting-edge possibilities our software unlocks for smartphone VR!

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For the time being, you can walk around our showroom in VR using a cardboard headset and view a rotating 3D model. Unless you are a European engineer, the radial engine (monolithic JT file) displayed probably isn’t as sexy as say a sports car which has doors which open up vertically (not sideways). But, suspend your imagination for the moment because we’re working on that, and besides the point here is to give you a taste or preview of what is to come.

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the news

About us


theConstruct was co-founded over a year ago by Piotr Juchnowicz and Dariusz Lozynski. The goal of the project was to make Virtual Reality accessible and affordable to anyone! With this in mind, the team focused on developing VR solutions with smartphones – a piece of hardware available at no extra cost to almost anyone.
After winning numerous prizes and awards for their entrepreneurial endeavors, they felt confident to start work on the main project – a Virtual Reality platform for architects, interior designers and visualization studios, who work with rendering software.
Currently, our platform is already finished and we are proud to offer fast, simple and high quality DIY Virtual Reality solutions, be it via your browser, iOS device, Android or GearVR! Our employees are currently present in Poland, Switzerland, as well as The Netherlands.




Email: info@theconstruct.co

Phone: +31 (0) 611145612

Address:  B. Amsterdam, Johan Huizingalaan 763a

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